Product Sourcing, procurement, Import, supply, distribution for Trade and projects.
We have over 20 years of experience in product sourcing, procurement, supply chain and logistics from Europe, South and Far East Asia, Middle East, Gulf, China, Brazil and India. Linked with numerous modern manufacturing hubs and factories from around the world. Specialist in project-based procurement, new product development, capable to deliver globally.

We are trusted by our clients to deliver the full life cycle management of a project from factory selection to completion, globally. Associated with numerous large commercial and private projects, worldwide.

  • Import and wholesale of all type of stones to the USA, UK, Europe and GCC.
  • Import and Distribution of Hard Landscaping Supplies.
  • Fully accustomed to undertake CNC and Waterjet related jobs.
  • Ability to supply and fit customize High End marble and Semiprecious stone.
  • Stake in Quarrying and processing facilities in three countries.
  • Slabs and Tiles sales for the Distributors, Trade and Contractors.
  • Experienced team of top project managers and quality supervisors for stone sourcing, procurement and supply within six countries.
  • Provide drawing and cut to size support from various countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, India, China, Vietnam and Greece) for turnkey projects and customize orders.
  • Provide loads from all above countries and specialty to accomplished large cut to size jobs.
  • Provide mixed loads from various countries which will give you an unparalleled service.
  • Control over some unique Exotic Book Match materials.
  • Numerous variety of Gems and Shell Stones from all over the Globe. A Unique Semi Precious collection of stones Transformed into coverings of sheer class.
  • Speciality to provide Customize Designs, Sizes and new texture/surfaces.
  • Fit for Purpose advice (Suitability & cost effectiveness on various stone options).
  • Bypassing all middlemen and dealing directly with the source for cost effectiveness and quality control.
  • Fabrication and Installation of customize cut to size jobs.
  • Building Materials
Assisting our clients from ‘Planning Through to Purchase’.

We have an unparalleled experience in sourcing and supply of construction materials that comply with the UK and European standards, having partnership with numerous manufacturers and distributors, we are committed to maximise your savings on your purchases.

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